Ramy RAAD Meets Manjul

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RAMY RAAD is an Ivorian artist of Lebanese origin born in 1989 in Abidjan in Cote
d’Ivoire. Singer with a warm and powerful voice.
He takes you into a world of mixed Reggae Roots and Soul.
Ramy RAAD begins his career at an early age as a singer-songwriter. He recorded his
first titles at the age of 15 « babylon system, they can change the world and taxi driver »
He begun his experience playing live at the Local reggae bar in Abidjan « Parker place »
with the band « vieux mogo « , and the « wise men »
He shared the stage with many local artists of such as Ras Kalif, Spyrow, Kajeem .
Ramy then moved to Bordeaux France where he collaborated with many French artist of
the local French scene such as JAHNERATION which he featured on « LET JAH BE
PRAISED » , Keurspi « midnight dreamer » And Black Kent « ouvre les yeux>> and « long
time » .
He also release a mix tape « Mash up di riddim » where his style lovers rock is well
defined .
he also participates in the ROTOTOM , invited by dub producer JACIN of the label
HIGHTENSION Record with whom which he releases ,Guilty man feat HUMBLE LION and
Jani be good , the RAAD ThREES (Aimann, humble, and himself) Co produced with Ya
Foy Production.
He was also invited to share the main stage of the ROTOTOM with French Artist NAAMAN
Ramy also participated in Abi reggae festival with the Raad threes , Abidjan reggae rock
festival and Reggae Party.
RAMY RAAD currently prepares the release of his album this year called « BURNING IN
LOVE » with his band shining storm under ya foy production . Today he presents this single
« So tricky » played by artist from the local Ivorian reggae band the kingston Gangstar